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    The Aha+Bha+Pha Serum

    A combination of lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, gluconolactone and tartaric acid that is gentle, yet effective at improving the appearance of skin texture, fine lines and pores.

    The Retinol Serum

    A lightweight serum containing encapsulated retinol which creates a slow release of retinol into the skin. This formulation delivers all the benefits of retinol with decreased irritation and dryness.

    There's been an unprecedented change in our world, and every little bit of happiness counts, even if it's as trivial as putting on a soft cardigan that feels like a hug. As more of us face the prospect of working from home for weeks to come, I've reviewed some comfortable clothing options for staying on task for the days ahead.
    Five factors that affect skin health, including water hardness, fungal acne, over exfoliation, pollution and stress and how to approach them.
    Lena felt a kinship with Lily Bart — cloistered in her parents’ flat among the dusts of Al-Khobar, the taste of life was indeed stale. Though her surroundings did not match the lavishness of Miss Bart’s, the dull domesticity and boredom were intimately familiar to her.